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Hotel Laguna Azul
Hotel Laguna Azul Cuba
Located in the beachfront of the wonderful Varadero beach, well known worldwide for its clear waters and white sand. It is a 30-minute drive to Juan Gualberto International Airport, 20-minute drive to...
Hotel Paradisus Princesa del Mar
Hotel Paradisus Princesa del Mar Cuba
Princesa del Mar Paradisus Hotel is located at Varadero Beach, a tourist pole of the country at only 30 minutes from Varadero International Airport and at 90 minutes from José Martí International Airp...
Hotel Marina Palace
Hotel Marina Palace Cuba
Marina Palace Barceló Hotel is located very closed to Marina Gaviota and Punta Hicacos Ecological Park, the marine area of greatest importance in Cuba. It was inaugurated in the year 2005. It is in th...
Hotel Solymar
Hotel Solymar Cuba
It is located at Varadero beach, the most important tourist area in Cuba. It is at 25 minutes from Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport and only a few hours from Havana and in the downtown p...
Hotel Iberostar Varadero
Hotel Iberostar Varadero Cuba
Iberostar Varadero Hotel was inaugurated in 2004 with a perfect location, in the first line of the beach, surrounded by abundant tropical plants, and considered as one of the best hotels in Varadero. ...
Hotel Sandals Royal Hicacos
Hotel Sandals Royal Hicacos Cuba
It is located in one of the best places at Varadero spa, at the narrow peninsula of Hicacos at the north coast of Cuba. It is a modern and surrounded construction of exuberant gardens and typical ve...
Hotel Cayo Libertad
Hotel Cayo Libertad Cuba
Located in the Cayo Libertad Royal Island, the exclusive island with a lovely private beach linked to Punta de Hicacos peninsula; Marina Gaviota is sited in front it, the most important marine point i...
Hotel Breezes Bellacosta
Hotel Breezes Bellacosta Cuba
Located on the beautiful white sands of Varadero beach in the area known as Las Americas. It has a magnificent architectural style in harmony with the environment. It is at just 4 km from the Spa and ...
Hotel Oasis Turquesa
Hotel Oasis Turquesa Cuba
Located in one of the best fringes of beach Varadero's hotel zone, one of the most important beaches in the Caribbean. It is a tourist complex surrounded by palm trees, coconut palms and plentiful tro...
Hotel Breezes Varadero
Hotel Breezes Varadero Cuba
It was built in 1992, and it is located in the first beach line in Varadero spa and at 30 km from the Varadero International Airport and 155 kilometers away from José Marti International Airport in Ci...
Hotel Playa Caleta
Hotel Playa Caleta Cuba
In 2005 it was totally rebuilt. It is in the north coast of the Island of Cuba. It is located at 25 min. from the airport, at 30 min from Matanzas City, and at only 5 minutes from Varadero if you go o...
Hotel Arenas Doradas
Hotel Arenas Doradas Cuba
It is located at Varadero spa, at the north coast of peninsula of Hicacos and in the picturesque gardens that lead visitors to Los Taínos Beach, across from Marina Chapelin sport port. It is identifie...
Hotel Brisas del Caribe
Hotel Brisas del Caribe Cuba
It is located at Varadero Beach in the first beach line and 30 kilometers from the Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport and at 7 km from the center. It is recommended for couples and Honeymoons....
Hotel Tuxpan
Hotel Tuxpan Cuba
It is located in Varadero, at the north of the Hicacos Peninsula, and at only 150 kilometers from Ciudad de la Habana .This is a comfortable place surrounded by marvelous tropical gardens. It has l...
Hotel Puntarena
Hotel Puntarena Cuba
It is located in the entrance of Peninsula of Hicacos, at Varadero spa, across from Paso Malo Channel. It is at about 30 Km from“Juan G. Gomez” International Airport and at only 3 Km from the most cen...
Hotel Villa Cuba
Hotel Villa Cuba Cuba
It is located in one of the most beautiful areas at Varadero Beach. It is a modern, simple and comfortable 7 plants construction surrounded by colorful gardens. It has rooms in the main building of...
Hotel Kawama
Hotel Kawama Cuba
It was built in 1930 with an excellent and beautiful architecture, with view to the channel along its 500m of beach. It is at only 20 min from "Juan Gualberto Gómez" International Airport and at 1 km ...
Hotel Internacional
Hotel Internacional Cuba
It was inaugurated just before Christmas in 1959. It is a typical construction of the time. It is located in the first beach line at only 2 km from the center of the town and 30 km from Varadero Inter...
Hotel Arenas Blancas
Hotel Arenas Blancas Cuba
Arenas Blancas Hotel is located at Varadero spa, at the north coast of Matanzas Province, at just a few minutes from the center of Varadero and 30 km from the Varadero International Airport. With b...
Hotel Barlovento
Hotel Barlovento Cuba
Barlovento Hotel is located at the spa Varadero, an excellent area surrounded by excellent restaurants and places of tourist interest. It is near the center of Varadero, at 34 km from the Varadero Int...
Hotel Blau Varadero
Hotel Blau Varadero Cuba
Blau Varadero Hotel has a modern design in its rooms and a privilege location next to the seashore, at the end of peninsula Hicacos, surrounded by virgin beaches. Chapelín Marina is located at the le...
Hotel Melia Las Antillas
Hotel Melia Las Antillas Cuba
Melia Las Antillas Hotel is located at Varadero spa, the most important tourist pole in Cuba, surrounded by original Caribbean gardens and by exuberant vegetation. At only 30 minutes from Juan Gualber...
Hotel Iberostar Tainos
Hotel Iberostar Tainos Cuba
It is located in a tract of Varadero Beach, in the north end of the peninsula Hicacos, a calm place and far from the rest of hotels, surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens. It is at only 10 minutes ...
Hotel Sirenis La Salina
Hotel Sirenis La Salina Cuba
It is located in Punta Hicacos, near Mangón Lagoon, in front of Varadero beach, one of the most famous beaches in the world because of its white sand, crystalline waters and its inestimable natural be...
Hotel Palma Real
Hotel Palma Real Cuba
Found in Varadero beach downtown, with easy access to the beach and at 25 km from the Juan Gualberto Gómez international airport. It was built in the 80s, and renovated between 2000 and 2003, with a w...
Hotel Bohio Don Pedro
Hotel Bohio Don Pedro Cuba
Located on the Zapata Peninsula, surrounded by an attractive natural beauty with abundant flora and fauna. Its rustic style and environment make it an alluring place for bird lovers and sport fishing ...
Hotel Playa Larga
Hotel Playa Larga Cuba
At one end of the Bay of Pigs, on a beach with fine sand and warm and safe waters. Recommended for bird and water sports lovers. Varadero's "Juan Gualberto Gómez" International Airport, 81 miles (131 ...
Hotel Casa del Valle
Hotel Casa del Valle Cuba
Located in the famous Yumurí Valley, with beautiful vegetation and wonderful climate, 3 miles (5 km) away from the city of Matanzas. Casa del valle has capitalized on its magnificent landscape and ide...
Hotel Tropical
Hotel Tropical Cuba
It is located at the hotelkeeper area at Varadero Beach. It is at 26 km from Juan Gualberto Gómez's international Airport in Varadero. It develops a wide offer of options, animation and the water spo...
Hotel Karey
Hotel Karey Cuba
It is located at Varadero beach, the most beautiful beach in Cuba.It is at 25 minutes from the airport and at almost 1 km from the center of the town. It belongs to the Kawama Resort Complex. With the...
Hotel Villa Tortuga
Hotel Villa Tortuga Cuba
It is located in a very peaceful area by Varadero Beach, surrounded by abundant colorful gardens that decorate the surroundings. It is at only 100 meters from the beach, at 2 km from downtown and at 2...
Hotel Varadero Sunbeach
Hotel Varadero Sunbeach Cuba
It is located at Varadero Beach; due to its proximity to the business center the visitors will have the privilege of knowing traditions and customs of that area. This complex is at only very few meter...
Hotel Aguas Azules
Hotel Aguas Azules Cuba
It is located in the beachfront at the beautiful Varadero beach, well known for its crystalline waters and fine sand. It is very near to the Plaza America Convention Center; it is also near to the Dol...
Hotel Playa Giron
Hotel Playa Giron Cuba
Located in the southern coast of Matanzas province, in the well-known Cienaga de Zapata area. It is very close to two beaches, one of them is very appropriate for diving because of its transparent wat...
Hotel Villa Guama
Hotel Villa Guama Cuba
Is located in the heart of Zapata Peninsula and is recommended especially for nature enthusiasts. Guama Hotel is situated on an islet in the Treasure Lake. Facilities of this 2 star hotel include ...
Hotel Canimao
Hotel Canimao Cuba
Atop a hill bordering the Canímar River, navigable for various kilometers, you find this ideal hotel where you can enjoy complete holidays surrounded by a reassuring, tranquil, natural environment. ...
Hotel Villa La Mar
Hotel Villa La Mar Cuba
This village is located in Varadero Town , at just a few steps from Varadero Beach, the most beautiful beach in Cuba which dazzles everybody with its deep blue waters and a wide band of sand that inv...

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